Our patients come to us because they’re tired of trying diet after diet and weight loss fads only to be disappointed by the outcomes. They want to take the weight off but aren’t convinced that surgery is the answer. This is the very reason we consider all available options, both surgical and non-surgical, so that we can find the best possible solutions for each and every patient.

Balloon Surgery

The Obalon Balloon System is an innovative approach that can jump start long-term results for our patients. It’s the first and only swallowable, intragastric non-surgical procedure that uses a Three Balloon System for weight loss.

Are you a candidate for the Balloon?

The team at The Bariatric Experts works with you through an extensive screening process to determine if this particular procedure is right for you.

  • 27-32 BMI
  • Patients with no active ulcer disease
  • Patients with no large hernia
  • Patients with no prior gastric surgery

The Procedure

The Obalon Balloon procedure is actually quite simple. During your office visit, you’ll swallow a capsule that’s much like a vitamin, but is attached to a micro-catheter with a deflated balloon. Once that capsule dissolves, the balloon is inflated with air,filling space in the stomach and the micro-catheter is removed quickly and safely.

How does the Balloon work?

The Obalon Balloon System is a revolutionary procedure that simply fills the space in your stomach, so you eat less. A series of three balloons are inserted over a 4-6 week period in succession to gradually decrease the size of your stomach and aid in appetite suppression. After six months, all balloons are removed in a safe, simple and outpatient procedure. Coupled with our program for long-term nutrition and health and wellness from our caregivers, the Obalon procedure is a highly successful alternative with minimal downtime.

What are the side effects of the Balloon?

The Obalon Balloon System is a very safe procedure and the reported side effects include mild abdominal pain and nausea, which are typically resolved within the first two weeks. However, patients must take daily acid-blocking medicines and the balloons must be removed after six months.