Lap-Band Surgery is considered the least invasive technique for weight loss surgery. The procedure is popular because it is quick, doesn’t require as much recovery time and is reversible.

Are you a candidate for Lap Band Surgery?

The team at The Bariatric Experts works with you through an extensive screening process to determine if this procedure is right for you.

The Procedure

During the procedure, our surgeons use small incisions in the abdomen to implant a soft silicone ring around the top part of the stomach. That ring is attached to a tube, which is accessible through a port under the skin of the abdomen. Using the port and the tube, surgeons can inject saline to inflate the band to decrease the size of the stomach and limit food intake.

How it works

Like many other weight loss surgeries, Lap-Band decreases the size of the stomach, so you don't need as much food to feel full. Because all food consumed is digested and absorbed naturally, there is less chance of nutritional deficiency and our doctors can adjust the band to control how food flows for long term weight loss goals.