At The Bariatric Experts, we realize that cost is the number one barrier for people who want or need to undergo a weight-loss procedure. We love being able to help our patients overcome these barriers, because we’ve seen firsthand the difference weight-loss surgery has had on so many. In fact, many of our staff have undergone weight-loss surgery, or at the very least know someone who has, and we believe that this direct experience gives us a better understanding of the benefits (as well as some of the hurdles) of bariatric surgery.

Our dedicated team works diligently with each patient to get them the financial help they need, whether it’s through insurance or financing options aimed at making the surgery more affordable. Because bariatric surgery is all we do, all of our associates are skilled at navigating the all-too-often confusing rules and regulations that insurance providers put in place and figuring out the best payment options for each patient’s unique financial situation.

We help you deal with the insurance companies

Dealing with insurance companies and trying to figure out what and how much is covered can be a serious hassle, as coverage for bariatric surgery varies from company to company. We want to help make your weight-loss journey as affordable and easy as possible.

That’s why our team of financial experts is here to answer any questions you may have, carefully walk you through each step, and help you determine the best payment options for your situation.

What do I need to provide to see if I’m covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies ask for in-depth, comprehensive documentation relating to your previous weight-loss attempts. We advise you to gather the following information:

  • Medical documentation of a five-year weight history
  • Any documentation of prescribed diet drugs and/or medically supervised diets
  • Records of commercial diet programs you have tried
  • Records of any exercise programs you have tried

You will need to begin gathering these records now so that they are readily available when we initiate communication with your insurance company for your bariatric surgery. It is not enough for you to simply list these items; the insurance company will require official documentation.

You will need to reach out to the doctor who weighed you and/or prescribed weight-loss drugs for a copy of any documentation. A summary letter of dates, weights, prescribed medications, and supervised diets from that doctor is acceptable. You may need to contact any commercial diet programs and/or exercise facilities to obtain records if you do not already have them.

Some insurance companies will make the decision about your weight-loss surgery within a few weeks, while other insurance carriers take several weeks or months to return a decision. We will contact you as soon as we’ve heard from your carrier. In addition, you may contact your insurance company to check the status of your insurance approval at any time.

We offer financing options to fit almost every financial situation

At The Bariatric Experts, we also help you navigate financing options that can make the decision to have weight-loss surgery more affordable for many people. We realize that not all insurance providers are willing or able to cover the cost of bariatric surgery. Because of this, we want to make the process as easy as possible to help you find and option for when insurance will not cover (or only partially cover) surgery.

Financing options may be available to you for the following procedures:

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Revision surgery

For more information about financing options or to start an application, visit

Weight-loss surgery can save patients more money in the long run

Our ultimate goal is to provide the kind of care that creates long-term value for our patients. To us, this means more than just helping patients achieve a healthy weight, it means improving their overall health and allowing them to live the kind of life you can’t put a price tag on – but that’s not where the value ends.

Weight loss surgery should be seen as a long-term investment in a happier, healthier lifestyle. Gastric bypass surgery (the most common bariatric procedure) has been shown to help resolve Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other obesity-related health conditions.

Based on calculations of the average savings reported by those who underwent the surgery, many people can expect to break even within two to four years of their procedure. After that, patients start saving a significant amount of money each year thanks to reduced medical and prescription costs (especially for those with diabetes), and, of course, reduced food costs.

If you have any questions regarding bariatric surgery, give us a call at (940) 800-2565 and one of our patient care coordinators will guide you.