The Bariatric Experts - September 27, 2019

At The Bariatric Experts, when we say we’re your doctors for life, we mean it. That’s why our program offers benchmarks of care at one week, three months, six months, and one year, but our care extends beyond any time limit. Our ultimate goal is to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle after your procedure, and we put our entire team of resources in your corner to make that happen.

To accomplish this, The Bariatric Experts’ team includes:

  • Expert surgeons whose sole focus is bariatrics
  • Staff members who have undergone successful surgery and are dedicated to helping others
  • Full-time dietitian and health and wellness professionals who work together to create the best aftercare plan specifically designed for you.

Throughout your weight-loss journey, we help you learn to recognize and cope with past issues that lead to overeating, and we also provide an individualized program with support groups, psychological counseling services and post-surgical health, as well as wellness and nutrition plans to help you learn how to live a new and vibrant lifestyle.

Follow-up appointments

Follow ups are extremely important in making sure you are adjusting to your procedure. Not only will we ask questions about how you’re feeling, but we also want to be sure you are not having problems with your nutritional intake from either food or any recommended vitamins.

You will be our patient for the rest of your life. If you move, it is your responsibility to arrange for bariatric care nearby your new residence. Bariatric patients require more than routine medical care and should be seen frequently within the first year after surgery.

We schedule post-operative follow-up visits for:

  • 1 week: This is just a quick visit to ensure your procedure went well and to address any initial concerns or issues.
  • 3 months: Lab work will be performed.
  • 6 months: Lab work will be performed.
  • 1 year: Lab work will be performed.

Follow-ups should be scheduled on a yearly basis after this time unless otherwise specified.

Track your food intake by journaling

During the year following your surgery (or even longer, if you wish), it’s extremely helpful to log your food and drink intake, especially if you are experiencing any of the issues listed above or if you just feel like you’ve reached a weight loss plateau. We will work closely with you to determine any foods which may be causing distress, and our dietitian will help you alter your diet to help you reach your ultimate goal.

If keeping a pen-and-paper log sounds like too much work, there are simpler ways to track your nutritional intake by using apps. These apps can also help you to better determine if you are having difficulty with foods in the diet, as well as help the dietitian to determine what changes are needed to increase your rate of weight loss.

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