The Bariatric Experts - September 27, 2019

Gastric sleeve surgery is the procedure of choice for most patients seeking bariatric surgery, both in our practice and nationwide. Because the surgery is performed laparoscopically (meaning a thin tube is inserted through small incisions), it is an easier surgery to perform, the recovery is quicker, and the results we see are comparable to the bypass procedure. Most of the patients we see are excellent candidates for this procedure and do extremely well adhering to the customized plans we create for them.

“Gastric Sleeve is my preferred weight loss surgery solution because it’s durable, safe and effective, and patients lose an average of 42% of body weight. Plus, it will not limit medicines long term.”

Dr. Scott Stowers

What is the procedure?

During a sleeve gastrectomy, our bariatric surgeon will generally use special laparoscopic instruments to access the abdominal cavity through several small incisions and remove 85 percent of your stomach. The remaining portion of your stomach – which will be roughly the size and shape of a banana – will still process food normally, it just requires smaller amounts of food to feel full.

“When I went to talk to Dr. Sowers, that was the day I knew I would have the surgery. I love his charisma. His approach, the way he was talking to me, we had a great little consultation. We probably talked for about 30 of 40 minutes, and he gave me background on the different surgeries because I wasn’t sure what type of surgery I wanted. He explained the benefits and the risks of the different surgeries, and he convinced me that the sleeve was the best way to go. He told me I have the right mentality, and he really motivated me.

I went in for the surgery in the morning, and I left by about 6 p.m. that day. Before the surgery, I was on metformin and blood pressure pills. Soon as I had the surgery, my blood pressure went back to normal, and that was really great to me.

When I feel good, I look good and feel like I do good things.”

Keith Miller, 59. Gastric Sleeve Surgery in January of 2018.

How does the Gastric Sleeve work?

Gastric Sleeve surgery works in two ways. First, because the stomach is smaller, you naturally will eat less and not take in as many calories, but there are also chemical changes that help control hunger. Second, by removing the part of the stomach that produces “hunger hormones” such as ghrelin and leptin, the appetite is significantly diminished.

These factors, along with our extensive aftercare program with customized weight loss plans administered by physicians and dieticians, give our patients the confidence and the tools needed to accomplish their weight loss goals.

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