Dr. Scott Stowers and Dr. Randy Wright

The Bariatric Experts Difference

When you choose weight loss surgery, you want to know you’re going to succeed. At The Bariatric Experts, all we do is weight loss. We’re not general surgeons who sometimes perform weight loss surgery, we are experts in the field who have dedicated our careers to transforming the lives of individuals and their families.

We’re passionate about what we do, because we’ve seen, first-hand, the difference weight loss surgery can make. Many people on our staff that you meet at our practice have either had the surgery or know someone close to them who has, and the steps we take in our practice are the ones that are proven to be most effective. That’s why we’re game changers in weight loss.

Weight loss surgery is only the beginning of your journey and we understand that. To be successful, it takes a commitment to living the lifestyle of a brand new you. We help you do that by creating an individualized program that focuses on your continued health and wellness. It begins with an in-depth assessment to determine the right procedure and continues with dedicated care from our physicians, nutritionists and other specialists who provide the long-term guidance you need to successfully keep weight off.

  • Expert Surgeons whose sole focus is Bariatrics
  • Complete plans, individualized for long-term post-surgical success
  • Staff members who have undergone successful surgery and are dedicated to helping others
  • Full time nutritionist and health and wellness professionals
  • Dedicated finance team who work to secure funding through insurance and payment options to make surgery affordable

Our Team

Scott Stowers, DO
  • Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Undergraduate Degree
  • Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctoral Degree<
  • Esteemed Member of Texas Medical Foundation, American Osteopathic Association, American Society of Bariatric Surgery
  • Served as Chief Resident at DFW Medical Center

Dr. Scott Stowers is our board-certified Medical Director of The Bariatric Experts with over two decades medical experience. A Fellow of the America Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, his unique approach to surgery focuses on minimally invasive procedures that allow his patients to recover quickly and endure fewer risks during the surgery and healing processes.

Dr. Stowers’ highly effective weight reduction surgery program utilizes a team approach for the highest level of care at every step. Starting with personalized consultation, he maps out a unique weight loss plan that is highly individualized to yield the best results. His unique after-care program focuses on education, constant communication and health, wellness and nutrition plans to help patients achieve healthier lifestyles.

To learn more about the surgery procedures performed by Dr. Scott Stowers and the team at The Bariatric Experts visit our weight loss page.

Randy Wright, MD
  • Baylor University, Undergraduate Degree
  • University of Texas Health Science Center, Doctorate in Medicine
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  • Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery

Dr. Randy Wright has spent his career dedicated to helping others. As a student at Baylor University, he developed a great love and compassion for the needy and that ultimately inspired him to choose his career as a physician.

A native of Texas, Dr. Wright ultimately chose to remain close to his roots and has been in practice in North Texas since 1998. His passion is to stay on the cutting edge of medicine and provide his patients with the latest and most innovative surgical procedures was evident from the beginning and continues to serve his bariatric patients well.

In many cases throughout his career, he was the first to introduce new surgical procedures into the local medical community, such as the Lap-Band, single incision laparoscopic procedures, laparoscopic hernia repairs and other advanced laparoscopic techniques. He is highly trained in multiple bariatric procedures and brings a seasoned approach to his patient care that focuses on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

His belief that the patient-doctor relationship is a lifelong commitment is what makes the difference in our practice. With that as our foundation, the level of service our patients receive before, during and after surgery is unmatched.

Ann Soliman FNP-BC, MSN
  • University of Tampa, Undergraduate Degree
  • University of South Florida, Masters Degree

Although Ann worked mostly with the pediatric population as a Registered Nurse, she changed her career focus after undergoing bariatric surgery herself. Having been morbidly obese most of her life and having multiple family members also suffering with obesity, she knew that getting her weight under control needed to be a priority. Despite losing 50 pounds several times, she never seemed to be able to maintain the weight loss. After having gastric bypass surgery in 2010, Ann was able to lose 110 pounds, and keep that weight off for the last 8 years. Ann states that it was the best decision she has ever made in her life and has never once regretted her choice to have bariatric surgery.

Given her personal experience and professional passion for health and wellness, Ann has now dedicated her nursing career to helping others regain their health and overcome the disease of obesity. In our practice, she is involved in our pre-operative education classes and also sees all of our patients the day of surgery at the hospital. She also sees our patients for follow-up visits here in the office to ensure they are doing well after surgery and progressing towards their goals. Together, Ann and our patients review medications, laboratory values, and their overall health to ensure the best possible outcome.

Jordanne Hellman, RD
  • Texas Tech University, Undergraduate Degree
  • Oklahoma State University, Masters Degree

Jordanne has five years of experience working with bariatric patients. She provides nutrition education to patients both pre- and post-surgery, as well as provides nutrition counseling throughout the process to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. She loves being a part of a dynamic team devoted to helping their patients succeed.

Michelle Pollock, RD
  • Texas Woman's University, Undergraduate Degree

Michelle is a registered and licensed dietitian at The Bariatric Experts. She graduated from Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX and was accepted into a rigorous ACCEND accredited dietetic internship program at Medical City Hospital in Dallas. There she worked closely with some of the best clinical and community dietitians in the DFW area. She has since dedicated much of her focus to the clinical and bariatric fields. She truly love working with people in the bariatric setting. Having come from a family that was personally affected by morbid obesity, she always tries to understand each as an individual. Every person she meets has a special story to be told and she is here to listen.

During an initial nutrition evaluation, she begins by assessing and identifying a patient's likes/dislikes, dietary habits, current social activities, support system, and readiness for diet, lifestyle, and behavior change. Her goal is to make patients aware of the risks and benefits of the procedure and ensure each patient leaves with realistic expectations for successful long-term weight loss. She highly encourages patients to begin making changes prior to surgery to ensure transition after surgery is easier.

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Practice Manager

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